1. Small Group Sessions
    Small Group Sessions
    During these group sessions we focus on group fundamental basketball drills for athletes of all ages. Our goal is to improve our athlete’s ability to control their dribble, shoot accurately, engage in defensive man-to-man positions, foot speed and coordination, and safely condition with a group of players.
  2. 1-on-1 Sessions
    1-on-1 Sessions
    This individualized program is designed to focus specifically on an individual player's need to improve and refine in certain areas such as dribbling, shooting mechanics, and overall player development on a more intense and hands-on level.
  3. Team Sessions
    Team Sessions
    This program is offered to coaches and their team to assist with skill assessment, program development, dribbling coordination, shooting form, agility and conditioning. $200 for 1 hour session (minimum of 10 players)